Understanding Connected Vehicle Architecture for Automotive OTA — Sibros

POSIX Architecture‍

Example POSIX Architecture
  • NXP S32G
  • 1GHz ARM with 1 Gigabytes of RAM
  • Built-in CAN peripherals or CAN bus access through a CAN Gateway through Ethernet backbone
  • Security is easier to implement on a POSIX system (TLS managed by the OS)
  • Applications are easier to develop with standard interface to network stack (BSD sockets)
  • If one application crashes (such as infotainment), it will not affect the ability to provide future bug fixes through OTA updates

Microcontroller Architecture

Example Microcontroller Architecture
  • ARM Cortex (M0,M3,M4 etc.)
  • Minimum 128K RAM, 512K ROM
  • External interface to at least 2 Megabytes of flash
  • Cost effective solution (Hardware cost is cheap, and RTOS like FreeRTOS also free)
  • Lower power consumption, and the hardware can be in ON/Active state to provide quick power-up operation to the end user (such as customer opening a car door)



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