Our CES Experience: From Flying Ubers to Concept Cars, and our Demo & Drinks Mixer with Canoo

4 min readJan 16, 2020


By Albert Lilly, Head of Marketing at Sibros

Guests at the Sibros & Canoo demo event

CES took Las Vegas by storm last week and Sibros was there in the midst of it all with 175,000 other industry professionals from around the globe.

Automotive tech has always been a big part of CES with top OEMs, Tier 1’s and other key ecosystem players in full presence. As a group of die-hard automotive technology enthusiasts and software makers, of course this is where we spent most of our time.

Some of the cool highlights from our POV….

A car’s conception now factors in much more than just being able to get from point A to B. This year, automakers’ concept cars like Audi’s AI:ME, Toyota’s LQ, Honda’s Augmented Driving Concept, Mercedes’ Vision AVTR, Fiat’s Centoventi, and Nissan’s Ariya, all had a common theme of futuristic looks while focusing on design elements of empathy, personalization and entertainment.

We got to see the very impressive Hyundai flying Uber concept which promises you the ability to hail a cross city flight from your phone, potentially in as early as 2023.

Hyundai’s flying Uber concept

Sony (yes, the Walkman guys) had the tech-first Vision-S concept car out, stuffed with sensors galore (31 to be exact), yet not expected for real production anytime.

Rivian’s R1T pickup truck was on display at the Amazon booth, which will have Alexa embedded into the truck’s hardware. This is great for Rivian, as Amazon was a lead investor and had previously announced it will produce a massive 100K fleet of Amazon delivery trucks. We were honored to get a personalized tour of the full Amazon / AWS booth, which was jam-packed from all of the great demos.

Speaking of EV’s — it’s evident 2021 will be the year of EV disruption. It seems that literally every hyped EV, from brands new to old, is hitting the streets in 2021. Though Tesla has dominated the EV space in the past few years, catering to the boundary pushing, discerning buyer, 2021 will see a massive diversification of options and price points which might just crack open the consumer flood-gates for larger scale EV adoption.

Ford Mach-E

On the business front, we had the honor of having one-on-one meetings with an exemplary, all star roster of senior executives from companies who are propelling the future of automotive technology. This list included great folks from the likes of AWS to NXP, ST Micro, Panasonic, UL, large OEMs and some of the hottest EV startups.

Most interesting to us was the Sibros and Canoo Demo & Drinks mixer. We hosted this private event in a commercial garage, where our friends from Canoo trucked the Canoo EV from SoCal to Las Vegas. Here we setup the Sibros connected vehicle suite demonstrating our bi-directional vehicle “edge to cloud” data pipeline solutions, covering all in-vehicle ECUs via modern OTA Deep software updates and advanced vehicle data logging.

Members of the Sibros, Canoo, and Panasonic teams

Our guests, who came from all walks of the diverse auto world, got to enjoy this live showcase over a large spread of hors d’oeuvres and drinks during a cool Las Vegas evening, one that was not to be missed.

We are grateful to the team at Canoo and all of our guests who attended, and are looking forward to our next event real soon! We wish Canoo all the best in their highly anticipated launch of the Canoo EV, available via subscription model only…exciting!

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