Warranty claim campaigns are an extremely costly burden on OEMs. It’s estimated that automakers spent around $49 billion on warranty expenses in 2019, equaling about 2.5% of overall revenue. OEMs can easily decrease warranty costs through early problem detection, root cause analysis, and quicker containment and corrective action. Enabling all of this, is connected vehicle data.

Connected vehicle data has the potential to provide OEMs with insight into vehicle health before the vehicle even leaves assembly yards or dealerships. The majority of warranty claims for vehicles occur during the first year of vehicle ownership and a surprising number happen within…

Automobile manufacturers started offering embedded vehicle connectivity almost a quarter of a century ago as a niche safety and security offering for premium vehicles. This year, 30 million vehicles will be sold with embedded connectivity supporting an array of customer services including navigation, remote access, marketplace shopping, and infotainment. Now, OEMs are looking at automotive data logging for connected vehicle value creation beyond traditional sources of revenue like subscription and data sales.

Every industry is using data to make better decisions and the auto industry is no different. Connected vehicle data provides OEMs deep and precise insights into how their…

We live in exciting times as we witness the transformation of entire industries unfold before our eyes resulting from the explosive growth of connected things and the advent of 5G networks. From consumer products such as appliances, toys or lawnmowers to industrial equipment, medical devices, cities and our vehicles — if something is not connected now, it’s only a matter of time. With any connected device or machine, comes the need for ongoing software updates and data collection to ensure optimal service, improve future product design and upgrade features overtime.

Connectivity in the automotive and mobility industry however is uniquely…

Introducing Sibros Speed News Highlights, our curated news magazine that brings you highlights and top automotive industry news to read on the “go”.

Sibros Speed News Highlights — May 2020

A data-driven retrospective on the state software related recalls in the automotive industry

As vehicles become more connected and as the amount of software code continues to increase to enable smarter capabilities, it’s not surprising to see a sharp rise in the volume of software related recalls that were reported for 2019 in the United States. From a global perspective, connected car shipments for 2019 exceeded 51 million units (up 45% from 2018) and are expected to reach 75 million units by 2023.

We dug through the latest numbers and analyzed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recall database…

March 19, 2020, San Jose, CA — Connected Vehicle platform company Sibros Technologies today announced the expansion of its leadership team by naming Ashu Bhalla as Chief Revenue Officer and Albert Lilly as Head of Marketing.

L: Albert Lilly, Head of Marketing; R: Ashu Bhalla, Chief Revenue Officer

Ashu Bhalla will be responsible for driving customer-centric growth and increasing Sibros’ presence in both Silicon Valley and automotive strategic regions.

Albert Lilly assumes responsibility for customer facing thought leadership, communications, events and digital initiatives.

Ashu brings 20 years experience from enterprise software and management consulting, serving in various executive leadership roles for large global consultancies including Birlasoft, KPIT and Fujitsu.

Albert brings 20…

Hemant Sikaria, Sibros CEO, discussing the radical changes disrupting the automotive industry alongside high profile industry executives.

A few weeks ago, I was honored to represent Sibros and participate in a panel discussion at “Futurescapes Detroit: Acceleration of the Software Defined Vehicle & Impact of 5G”, a one-day event hosted by TechMahindra in partnership with AWS at Ford Field in Detroit.

I joined a group of fellow industry veterans to discuss the future of software-defined vehicles and 5G networks. I had the pleasure of great minds and company including:

  • Nisarg Modi, Head of WW Business Development, Connected & Autonomous Vehicles, AWS
  • Chuck Gray, Vice President, Vehicle Component and System Engineering, Ford
  • Alex Kocher, President, Automotive Business Segment…

By Albert Lilly, Head of Marketing at Sibros

Guests at the Sibros & Canoo demo event

CES took Las Vegas by storm last week and Sibros was there in the midst of it all with 175,000 other industry professionals from around the globe.

Automotive tech has always been a big part of CES with top OEMs, Tier 1’s and other key ecosystem players in full presence. As a group of die-hard automotive technology enthusiasts and software makers, of course this is where we spent most of our time.

Some of the cool highlights from our POV….

A car’s conception now factors in much more than just being able to get from point A to B. This…

Grateful for 2019 and excited for 2020. By Hemant Sikaria, CEO of Sibros

Best moments of 2019!

Just over one year ago, we started Sibros with the vision of building a platform and tools to enable the entire connected vehicle ecosystem. We had set up shop in a co-working space in Sunnyvale and were starting to build our products and our team. Starting a new company was tough, and there were a lot of obstacles to overcome in every area.

Very soon after we started, we landed our first customer, who put their faith in us based on our track record of having built…


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